We help women transform their lives, personally & professionally.

Deal With Drama and Say So Long to Stress




Isn't it time to stop surviving and start thriving?

We live in a society that is moving fast.

We're tired, overworked, and some of us are full on frustrated with life. As women, we've heard the message repeatedly that it's not okay to be so emotional. We've focused too much on doing.

We believe it's time to for that to change.

Leading an authentic life full of professional accomplishments
and personal wins is possible.

Showing up authentically means we need to learn how to tune into our emotions, not cover them up.

In order to claim a life with less drama and more balance, there are several skills we need to level up. They include:

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Building Better Boundaries

Taking Our Time Back

Learning How to Rest and Play

Living Drama Free

Releasing Old Patterns

Accepting Permission to Pause

Taking True Self Care

Taking radical responsibility for your own role in drama is the first step in claiming a restored version of your best self. We're thrilled to be your guides.

Meet Michelle Thompson and Donna Placio

We are Conscious Leadership Coaches who created a four-part workshop for our own network of professional women. What surprised us was how quickly our cohort grew from curious bystanders to active participants.

Seeing our clients go from surviving to thriving in the safety of our women's circles has been humbling.

Through our work, you'll discover how to lean into full body awareness and activate your authenticity.

You CAN release from the drama that is abundant in your everyday so that you can move toward your professional and personal goals.

Here are our solutions:

This is a four-part lunchtime workshop series (offered quarterly). You will learn how to eliminate the number one culprit that derails success - drama. We will identify the specific ways leaders and teams unconsciously create drama. We will then learn how to diffuse that drama to create thriving businesses and teams.

Saying yes is easy:

1. Register for the Workshop Series
2. Participate in Each of the Workshops
3. Get Clarity and Inspiration

We gather monthly in our circles to provide compassionate coaching while challenging each other and the women of our circles to step unapologetically into the fullest expression of themselves. In addition to the 2.5 hour circle call, you'll receive a free 50-minute Enneagram Typing interview and monthly meditations. We have built in ongoing practice and support with learning partners in between our meetings as well as access to exclusive resources.

Joining a circle is simple:

1. Schedule a Conversation
2. Join the Circle
3. Feel Ease & Flow

We'll come into your organization and deliver a workshop for your team. Some topics you may be interested in include:

  • Diffusing Drama: Ending Blame and Criticism
  • Shifting from Fear to Trust
  • The Power of Self- Awareness
  • Stepping into Radical Responsibility
  • The Art of Feedback and Authentic Conversation
  • Be Here Now- Let’s get Present
  • Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted
  • Enneagram at Work and Home or in Life and Work

Here's how you can get started:

1. Schedule a Conversation
2. Choose Your Workshop Topic
3. Watch Your Organization Thrive

In our fast paced world, more and more women are spending too much time diffusing drama and navigating sticky situations.

With conscious leader coaching you'll learn how to build trust and bring balance to your life.